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pdx Bingo

Posted on: October 8th, 2012 by Scott JH No Comments

I’ve got a new project brewing and it has been a fun one. I decided I need to start making things. That’s really the key to creativity and getting attention.

Just. Start. Making. Things.

I draw. I write. I code.

These are the things I do. So, I decided to build something no one needed or wanted (except me) and put it out there to see see if maybe someone did want it after all.

Enter pdxBingo

The idea is very simple and, perhaps, obvious. In fact, it has been done, just not as a web app. The idea is a bingo game where the object is to spot classic “Portland” characters while you’re out and about. Specifically, while you’re at a bar or Saturday Market. Portland, OR (where I reside) is filled with all manner of eccentric people. You may be familiar with IFC’s show Portlandia, which pokes fun at the eccentricities of Portland’s residents. The show is so dead on that it is sometimes painful to watch. The point being that Portland has a very particular character and it’s denizens often exhibit very particular affectations. They smoke American Spirits. They drink PBR. They are very passionately devoted to their second-to-last place MLS team (this one is TOTALLY me). Many where these. And above all else, the people of Portland are absolutely aware that they are weird and PROUD of it.

So, have fun with this. There will be more updates to come. Works on your smart phone or iPad. Send feedback.

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